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I would recommend having After Hours Assurance to anyone who has a loved pet. Being able to ask the vet for information on the phone eliminates the sometimes gut wrenching situation of wondering if you're doing the right thing by treating your pet at home or knowing that your loved one needs to see the vet in person. Even if my pet doesn't make it, I feel better knowing that I did everything I could. Because there are times you just don't know how critical a situation is unless you have the medical training - which I don't.

Janet Cordes

Martin, GA

Love Dr. Colson, Baranik, and all of the folks @ MBAH!

Margaret Strachan

Duluth, GA

An operator (who) took my phone call was very calm, care and very thorough, Dr. Cutchin called back with in 30 minutes as promised. Of course Dr. Cutchin was WONDERFUL. Explained well. It wasn't late evening, but I felt so comfortable to know I did not have to go to the Emergency Care.
Ruby and I thank you very much.

Hoschton, GA

Dr. Lloyd is ALWAYS wonderful. I was completely reassured that my pet's condition was not an emergency and could wait until the next morning. I definitely slept better and felt that the service almost paid for itself just from that one call.

Susan Litton

My Scottie has Addison's Disease and any minor illness can have serious consequences for her. I was so lucky to have After Hours Assurance and got wonderful results from it. I will always be sure to renew my subscription.

Juanita Carter

It is a comforting feeling to know that we can reach our veterinarians when needed...no matter where we are when traveling.

Richard & Joanne Nicotera
Bethel Park, PA

My Story
Kids with Dog

Friday evening my 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Riley, got into the volcano-making compound my son was using for his science experiment. I was scared as the box said that the ingredients were toxic and to seek immediate medical attention if anything was consumed. I was very frightened and worried about Riley. Thankfully, I had previously registered for North Dekalb's After Hours Assurance service which allows me to speak with one of their vets about any potential emergencies after the clinic is closed. I am thankful that I recognized the importance of registering BEFORE an emergency occurred because I didn't have to take the time to provide my payment and contact information - I was already in the system and this allowed for a quick connection to Dr. Katz.

Dr. Katz confirmed for me, along with Poison Control, that Riley was going to be OK. We were very relieved that she wouldn't need to go to the emergency clinic. Dr. Katz called in two prescriptions for Riley and gave me explicit directions for Riley's care over the weekend. He checked in with us later that evening and again Saturday morning. Saturday evening, Dr. Katz gave Riley the "all clear"!

The After Hours Assurance program is WONDERFUL!!! Not only were we were able to avoid an unnecessary trip to the emergency clinic, but we had personal contact with Dr. Katz through the whole ordeal. And, had we gone to the Emergency Clinic with Riley, we would have paid much more than the registration fee for The After Hours Assurance Plan. This service is priceless because of the peace of mind we received!!! Not to mention, the coverage includes all 3 of my pets and, when we travel with our group to the beach, we can still call and utilize the service. After Hours Assurance will even find a local emergency clinic for us if necessary. This is truly a bargain of a deal. It has clearly already more than paid for itself. I would recommend this service to any of North Dekalb's clients!

Jennifer Slutzky
Atlanta, GA


My dog Piper hurt her leg while running in the park. I was pretty sure it was not an injury that required a trip to the emergency clinic, but if I had not been able to talk to my vet, I would have needed to take her to the ER. This would have cost me at least $100, so not having to spend this money more than paid for my subscription.

I knew there were some over the counter meds you can give a dog, but very few are safe and I had no idea of the safe dosage. Research on the internet resulted in a barrage of information, much of it incorrect and confusing.

My vet called me back and advised me what over the counter med I could give her for Saturday night to alleviate the discomfort. Then, she met me at PVVC the next morning so I could have dog meds until Piper could get an appointment with the vet.

I didn't worry a bit over the weekend, except about how to keep a very active pup quiet! This gave me great peace of mind and I would recommend it to everyone who loves their pets!

- Laura Lawrence

We are so thankful Dr. Townshend offers After Hours Assurance at our clinic. Knowing we can use this service in an emergency situation, no matter where we are, gives us true peace of mind!

The Coppedge Family
Gainesville, GA

Gizmo is as much a part of my family as the human members. It's wonderful to have the peace of mind knowing I can reach Dr. Steele in an emergency.

Charlene Farrel

The night B.K. got hit by a car was one of the worst in my life as a pet lover. Being able to reach Dr. Steele after hours meant the difference between life and death for him. Thank you Dr. Steele for offering a service that makes medical emergency help even more readily available.

Victoria Monk

Sign me up! If only I'd had access to After Hours Assurance this past Labor Day. Our elderly cat Harley, who had just been started on insulin injections the preceding week, begin exhibiting unusual behavior late that evening. Our vet office was closed for the holiday, and I was referred to the nearest Emergency Vet Clinic more than 60 miles away. Just as I was about to get in the car, Harley began responding to the Karo syrup I had in the cupboard. My wonderful vet did call me back, and when I reported on Harley's condition, she suggested that I could bring him in for a follow-up visit early the next morning.

I was lucky because my vet was willing to make that phone call; but what if she hadn't? I would have had to drive for an hour and a half to see a vet who wasn't familiar with my pet. After Hours Assurance will give me the peace of mind I need to deal with my aging cat's health issues.


Merrily Hansen
Dublin, NH

Knowing how much stress and money our vet's after hours advice has saved me, I would happily pay any amount for this service. We chose the Gold Plan. It more than paid for itself the first time we used the service.

Ron and Linda Blevins

Priceless advice when you need it most