Advice from the comfort of you home.

Give yourself peace of mind

Get sound, trusted advice from the one who knows your pet best - your own veterinarian!

With your veterinarian's After Hours Assurance emergency advice and the care they provide during business hours, you may never have to go to another veterinary clinic to care for your pet.

Avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency clinic

Nearly 90% of callers will learn they do not need to go to the emergency clinic. If your pet can be treated at home or wait to be seen by your veterinarian the next business day, you avoid:

Emergency room
  • The expense of the emergency clinic trip
  • The unfamiliarity (for you and your pet) of seeing a veterinarian you have never met
  • The inconvenience of making the trip at night or on a weekend
  • The long wait often experienced at understaffed emergency clinics
  • The potentially long distance to get to the emergency clinic

A great value for the service you'll receive

The price you pay for After Hours Assurance is less expensive than the price of an average emergency clinic visit.

Your annual subscription covers all of the pets in your household.

Because your vet knows your pet, you will limit the likelihood of unnecessary expensive tests being run on your pet.

Have a happier, healthier pet

Pets are living longer these days, thanks to advances in medical treatment and services like After Hours Assurance being offered to pet owners.


Because of its affordability, you can now provide your pet the best care possible when your own vet's clinic is closed.

You don't have to 'risk it' because emergency clinics are so expensive.

After Hours Assurance allows your vet to help you decide what treatment is necessary.

Same coverage even when traveling with your pet

78% of pet owners travel with their pets. As an After Hours Assurance subscriber, you'll have after hours emergency access to your vet even when you're traveling or out of town.

If an emergency visit is required for your pet, we can even provide information on the nearest emergency clinic in your area.

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Priceless advice when you need it most

"Studies show that people with pets live longer, have less stress, and fewer health problems."

Source: APPMA

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